Dresden Files Baltimore/D.C.

Black Aggie & the Black Court Scourge

Years ago, a statue called Grief was placed as a monument in Druid Ridge Cemetery (not to be confused with Druid Hill Park; Druid Ridge Cemetery is just outside the city limits). “Creepy as hell” is a completely insufficient description of this statue. Known as “Black Aggie,” it was downright sinister—grass wouldn’t grow in front of the damned thing. All kinds of urban legends grew up around it, about how it would haunt people, how people caught alone in front of it vanished, that sort of thing.

A Black Court scourge started taking advantage of the situation. From time to time, one of them would actually replace the statue, using some glamour to take on its likeness (and believe me, it wasn’t a real stretch for them). Of course, whatever damn fool frat pledge or drunk teenager sat on that thing’s lap was never heard from again. About forty years ago, in an uncharacteristic fit of good sense, the cemetery’s caretakers removed Black Aggie; the official reason was to stop the “circus atmosphere” surrounding it. You can believe that if it helps you sleep at night. Their hunting patterns disrupted, the scourge fractured and with it the Black Court presence in Baltimore.

Currently, a scourge of at least three is attempting to re-establish itself. Hoping to draw upon the power of the ley line to enhance minor magical talents that they picked up somewhere, they have rooted themselves in a lair in the water tunnels under the Clifton Gate House, which is near the campus of Heritage High School. The students’ safety is at terrible risk. See “What’s Where in Baltimore” for more information on the Clifton Gate House and the vampires there.


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