Dresden Files Baltimore/D.C.

Fae vs Ghoul

A Freehold of several dozen ghouls lives in the tunnels under the ground between Federal Hill Park and Fort McHenry. Because this lies along a particularly powerful branch of the ley line, the ghoul “king,” Gilgamesh (a real humble guy, that one), has been able to open a portal to the Nevernever—in particular, to the regions where the Summer Court holds sway. Now, consider that the Summer Court is locked in an ugly little war with this band of ghouls, and you can see why this situation gets interesting on a fairly regular basis.

Let’s just say that mortals want to watch their backs after dark in that part of the city. Not only is there occasionally collateral damage, but ghouls get hungry, and there are only so many fish in the Patapsco River for them to munch on.


WildBodhi WildBodhi

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