Dresden Files Baltimore/D.C.

Washington D.C. and the Fae

In the late 1780s, as the land around the District of Columbia was being acquired from Virginia and Maryland, Thomas Jefferson quietly negotiated the neutrality of the nation’s new capitol from power struggles of the Faerie Courts. The agreement, consummated by both Mab and Tatiana, resulted in changeling children who were given to Jefferson as wards. As a part of the bargain, in each generation one of the descendants of these children must enter the service of either Mab or Tatiana. Many choose to become fully Fae and enter the Faerie courts, but some serve as mortal proxies, furthering the goals of their Queen among mortal kind.

Some of Jefferson’s changeling descendants have found their ways into politics over the generations. The political power of their parties often seem to wax and wan in relation to the strength of their associated court. While there is a lack of open hostility between Summer and Winter within the borders of Washington D.C., both courts frequently utilize Wyldfae proxies to accomplish their goals.


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