Dresden Files Baltimore/D.C.

Baltimore White Court

Vasiliki Lagios, a two hundred year old vampire, has led House Lagios of the White Court since soon after the U.S. Civil War. Vasiliki is a politically wily and patient schemer, excelling at using misdirection and subtlety to exert his influence. However, there’s a faction within the family that wants to be a more active presence in Baltimore; they’d like to actively oppose the White Council, more aggressively seek out prey, perhaps even make a play to claim major points along the ley line. Led by the ruthless and ambitious Alexandra Lagios, niece of Vasiliki, they may soon make their move to take control of the family.

Alexandra has several members of the Baltimore police department on her pay role. She has also made overtures to several local gangs but hasn’t secured them as vassals yet.


WildBodhi WildBodhi

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